Dinner at Ristorante Mistral

Dinner at Ristorante Mistral

at Ristorante Mistral on 14 May 2019
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We have dined here on a midweek evening but due the extremely windy-stormy weather the terrace was not open.
We have ordered some aperitifs in the bar before dining at the restaurant than we were seated by a nice table close to the window, possible with one of the most amazing view of Lake Como. From the moment we have stepped into the restaurant we felt like in a theatre decades ago. Everything was classy and traditional , from the service, design, setting and uniforms.
We have chosen from the a´la carte menu.
For starters we had the marinated wild salmon with caviar and the steamed Sicilian prawn with cocktail sauce, our choice of main was a traditional French dish a "the duck a la presse".
The jus of the duck was prepared by the table than they served the parts separately. First came the duck breast with Belgian endive, potato cream, pak choi and Perigord sauce with black truffle. After a little break they served the the duck legs with salad leaves and fruits.
The entertainment provided by a music group added greatly to the ambiance.
All together the surroundings and the service were one star class but the food was not. It was a nice experience to see the old school technic and service but I doubt it will be repeated.

5 / 10

Wild salmon marinated with soy and Yuzu. Salmon caviar with edamame, sour sauce and wasabi crepinette

Duck a la press before preparation by the table.

....under process

..... finished

The duck press

The cooked duck breast

Duck breast plated with belgian endive, potato cream, pak choi, perigordin sauce with black truffle

Duck leg plated with salad leaves and fruits

Cheese trolley

Petit four