Dinner at Enoteca Il Grappolo

Dinner at Enoteca Il Grappolo

at Enoteca Ristorante Il Grappolo on 13 May 2019
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We wanted to try some rustic Italian restaurant near to our hotel and we have found this little enoteca with a short but very good regional menu and quality wine selection. On the menu they present every dish paired with a local wine.
For starter our choice was a red chicory and pears salad, served with gorgonzola cheese and balsamic vinegar. For main we have ordered a lovely bowl of tagliatelle with asparagus and local Ossola bacon and the second main was a Sirloin with rosemary and baked potatoes. The steak was tasty and cooked perfectly, the pasta dish needed some extra seasoning.
The owner with his good experience takes personal charge of the service, specially the wine orders.
All together it is a nice restaurant a bit away from the main tourist area with relaxed atmosphere and great hospitality. Well worth a visit!

6 / 10

Red chicory and pears salad- red chicory, fresh pears, chestnuts and Gorgonzola cheese dressed with white balsamic vinegar

Grilled Sirloin with rosemary and baked potatoes

Taglatelle with asparagus and Ossola bacon