Lunch at Ca Joan

Lunch at Ca Joan

at Ca Joan on 24 February 2019
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We went to Ca’ Joan for a lunch on a nice and sunny Sunday. The restaurant has a small but cozy dining room and the huge terrace . The staff was nice but on the day we have visited, the restaurant clearly did not have enough waiting staff. Because of that the service was falling apart, different staff members came to our table in a completely wrong rhythm.
The Ca’ Joan is a traditional family run steakhouse but on the menu you can find a wide variety of seafood dishes as well. They work with the best quality spanish matured beef, Mediterranean sea products and the highest quality, local ingredients.
We have ordered the red tuna tartare and a grilled artichoke with iberian ham for starter, for main we have shared a 6 months matured, spanish cut steak (chuleton).
The artichoke with the iberian ham was a little bit disappointing, it was underseasoned, the red tuna tartare had to many citric flavour therefore it was too acidy. The steak was 1,2 kg piece of Rubia Gallega D.O. cow meat after the cut, it was beautifully cooked from a good quality meat.
We might give another go once again if we are in the area.

5 / 10

Red Tuna and tuna belly Tartare on a seaweed bed.

Artichokes with cured ham

Chuleton of Rubia Gallega ( Six months matured) before preparation

.... on the grill.

..... served.