Lunch at Frantzén

Lunch at Frantzén

at Sweden – Frantzén  on 20 October 2018
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Fifth visit at the new place and once again they continue outperform and outshine, improved flavor combinations and excellent cooking techniques and simply top of the pops right now, basically ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

10 / 10

Foie gras macron with hibiscus and port wine jelly

Crisp potato cannelloni with sour cream and vendace roe

Cauliflower tartlet with eel

The special one

Celeriac tartlet with preserved truffle

The saffron and pumpkin upgraded with orange powder and sea urchin

Otoro with radish and tomato vinaigrette

Lobster with butter/ginger emulsion and puffed rice

Scallop in pumpkin xo sauce

The infamous aged pork broth and caviar

Upgraded turbot with white truffle in beurre blanc and walnut sauce

The grilled seasonal vegetables with sour cream and fish scales

Dish of the year bbq and aged pigeon with grilled salat and fermented blueberries and mustard seeds

The juicy broth of pigeon

Perfectly balance milk ice cream with honey crumble and bergamot tea

The face

The sunset

Licorice mousse with dried beetroot

Melon and crumble

The selection

The finish