Dinner at Ekstedt

Dinner at Ekstedt

at Ekstedt on 26 July 2018
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Ask for the counter searing in this place of fire and smoky flavors heading for a double up especially after the summer renovations. One to watch!

8 / 10

Deer heart, lingonberries, mushrooms and parsley cooked at the counter in butter

Char, peas and elderflower

Oysters with apple and literarily burning drizzling cow fat

Shredded deer jerky, vendance roe, burned leek and charcoal and vinegar infused creme

Pike perch and sunchoke

Side dish of mussels

Lamb and cabbage

Flamed crept with rhubarb

Le Cat - best ever apple cider

Homemade shredded cheese

Mine blueberry pie