Lunch at LUME

Lunch at LUME

at Lume by Luigi Taglienti on 13 October 2018
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This time trying the sensational white truffle medley and once again with perfect execution of classics a wonderful experience!

9 / 10

The pre-snack

The white truffle

Flower and yuzu

The nibbles

Fried pumpkin ravioli

Dried lemon and stuffed raspberries

Double fried tomato

Mortadella and pistachio

The amazing breads

Eggs Benedicte

Comte foam and hazelnut

Quiche Lorraine with lardo

Egg tagliolini in butter sauce and shaven chestnut

Risotto heaven

White fish on onion mousse and hazelnut sauce

Crudo beef and foie gras

Pumpkin and amaretto sauce

Onion foam