Lunch at LUME

Lunch at LUME

at Lume by Luigi Taglienti on 1 September 2018
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Sensational lunch trying the chefs interpretations of the classic Milano kitchen passed with flying colors and even trying the first truffle of the season. This will soon be two stars and even see more on the horizon

9 / 10

Lovely flat breadsticks


Local greens

Boiled XL citrus fruit and raspberry with cheese

Fried raviolis

Dried and fried juicy tomatoes

Amazing bread in particular the mixed cereal version

Extended sticks

Crudo ossobuco with intense saffron center

Tender ox boiled 3 hours in red wine with cucumber sorbet and mustard gel

Chicken liver and foam with licorice

Rare Barolo Mascarollo Monprivato 2010

First truffle of the season with butter and pasta

Open ravioli with chicken and veal intestines

Saffron risotto with sweetbread

Pork cutlet and onions

Gorgonzola macron with coffee dust

Truffle tiramisu with liquid center

The room and garden