Lunch at Azurmendi

Lunch at Azurmendi

at Azurmendi on 1 November 2018
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After a slightly slow start thanks to the food and service at the table flavors improved to the known level, very intense flavors

8 / 10

The picnic

The yolk and truffle

Cider with various herbs

Chili cone and spices

The invisible sheep milk

Local wine bon bon

Autum tomato ?

The oil

The mushroom

Broth with fake beans of blood sausage, pumpkin and celeriac

Local wine with herbs

Spoiler alert…the surprise lemon of foie gras

The table

The puffy bread

Fried oyster and oyster leaf

Raw oyester and sauce of leeks


Sea urchin, fried, as mousse and shot

Cauliflower and truffle

Lobster and mayo

Garlic medley soup with sphere, flakes, dried and flower

Grilled red mullet with rosemary and thyme

Red mullet

Iberian pork sweetbreads with truffle and mushroom sauce

Tail of Iberian pork with anchovy and own mayo

The sweet dolce

Frozen icy raspberries sponge cake

Sorbet of raspberry and cheese

The shaker

Rum and coconut

Fake chocolate coconut with rum and honey granita

Peanut, chocolate and