Dinner at Restaurant Jordnær

Dinner at Restaurant Jordnær

at Jordnær on 19 December 2018
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Amazing produce and bold flavor combinations with increasingly Japanese influences at this great ⭐️

9 / 10

The entrance

Cucumber, smoked cheese and caviar

Potato crisp and lobster

Oyster, horseradish and cabbage

Mahogany clam

Scallops with chestnut

Caviar, cauliflower and double cream infused with walnut oil

Beetroot grilled in redux of rhubarb/dild topped with rose hip powder

The bread

Almost crudo king crab

Dumpling of langoustine with preserved truffle and the former own broth

Turbot, white truffle and beurre blanc

Duck and soya with plum

Cheese and morels

Dish of the year fig tart with shaven blue cheese

Insane white truffle ice cream and shaven with hazelnut sorbet

Baba rhum