Dinner at Clou

Dinner at Clou

at Clou on 21 June 2018
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Sensational wine parring to terrific flavors in this intimate place (be seated in the front)

8 / 10

Oyester and passion fruit

Smoked salmon roe

Salmon belly

Anchovy and goat cheese granita

Seasonal wild salat with duck yolk

Raw scallops with peas and sneaky raw cacao

Brilliant aged caviar and langoustine broth and green apple

Grilled brioche in red wine and onion sauce

Sea urchin bisque

King crab and yuzu

Bouillabaisse on lobster

Bouillabaisse side kick

The impossible ravioli inside out with sage butter and artichoke

Deer and strawberries

Fresh honey and cheese

Orange lemon pickles

Berries and vanilla

My date for the night


Pina Colada