Dinner at Noma

Dinner at Noma

at Noma: Game & Forest – Denmark on 20 December 2018
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Another level of creativity and potentially the best season so far, only minus the wine parring

9 / 10

The setting

Reindeer broth with squirrel oil

Reindeer tartare and sorrel

Dip,of egg yolk and ants

Reindeer sweetbread in fried moss

Reindeer brain with truffle in wasabi leaf

Reindeer tongue with chili and pine shoots

Caviar, sour cream in pheasant broth

Mixed fermented berries and morels

Fake beetle of black currant and fermented black garlic

Pumpkin on bee wax

Grilled mushroom and herbs

Crisp bread and truffle

Duck breast almost crudo

Duck brain and crisp skin

Cured duck breast

Grilled vegetable, marigold leafs, pumpkin seeds and cured egg yolk

Tempura duck

Black currant

Fried chocolate moss

Fake caramelized chicken feet

Baby apples as cherry