Dinner at Noma

Dinner at Noma

at Noma 2.0 on 11 September 2018
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The level of creativity and ambience during Vegetable Season is unique here and after a slowish start the level and flavors became mindblowing. As a little minus the wine parring was more average than during Sea Season

8 / 10

Noma by night

The new waiting area

Hidden potato soup

Flower tart and dried sea buckthorn and black currant


Seaweed tartlet

BBQ onion

Cucumber skin and parsley

Quail and fake chorizo of hip berries

Stuffed morels

Tempura marigolds with whisky eggnog

Read and white strawberries and grilled cucumber with touch of chili

Flatbread and herbs

Fried milk skin with Brie center topped with truffle and ceps


Wax broth and pollen

Sneaky walnut mole with pumpkin tofu and grilled rose petals

The famous celeriac shawarma

The sauce of truffle for bread dipping

Dip away

Berries and cream

Molded pancake

Hidden dessert of rose

Inside out