Dinner at Kadeau Bornholm

Dinner at Kadeau Bornholm

at Kadeau Bornholm on 13 September 2018
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This is an amazing experience in a unique location with enchanting flavors and elegant complexity and could easily become two stars soon. Interestingly also hardly any fermentation here at the summer location compared to CPH.

10 / 10


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The restaurant

Duck breast with cherry blossoms oil and grilled herbs

Two layers of kohlrabi

Zucchini crudo

Tempura shrimp taco dusted with cep powder

Sauerkraut in oyster mayo with hazelnut and sorrel

Local type of pancake with 4 years aged Havgus cheese and local flowers such as rosehip and marigolds

Dish of the year crudo scallops with grilled broccoli stems and gooseberry oil

Onion stuffed with tomato plus pickled onions stuffed with onion redux in tomato water

Grilled potatoes with grilled lovage and fresh Havgus

Dish of the year carrots in double cream and horseradish sprinkled with dried carrot, scallop bottarga and mussels licorice

Herring crudo on flatbread with pickles

Pork shawarma in pointed cabbage leaf

Pine needles tartlet

Pumpkin in double cream and gooseberry granita

New take of honey cakes