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Le Bistro Esplanade Zagreb


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Sophistication and attention to detail, fresh local ingredients, and perfection of aroma and flavour are that which characterise this exceptional French gastronomic repertoire. Add carefully chosen spices, plenty of love, care and innovative ideas, a young and charming team of chefs and waiters, a pleasant ambience with an air of Paris chic and some fine wines at acceptable prices – and you've found yourself in Zagreb's Le Bistro. Since its opening in 1986, Le Bistro immediately assumed an important role in the city's daily life and has for decades offered typical bistro-style meals, as well as the world-famous Esplanade Strukli.


Ana Grgić

Foodle Reviews

5 / 10
on 28 Dec 2018

It was looking as one of the oldest and most classic dining places in Zagreb, but actually I didn't like it. As a whole I tend to prefer a little bit more friendly places, where you feel almost at home, and here the experience was fully on the opposite. The t-bone steak was also not prepared well.

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Ul. Antuna Mihanovića 1, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia


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+385 1 4566 611