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Maison Pic Valence

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on 29 Jun 2018

Of course Andy and I had to sweep up the new three stars in France, Marc Veyrat and Christoph Bacquié. And between those dinners we had to go to the only female French 3 star Chef, Ann-Sophie Pic as it was on the way from one to the other.

After a somewhat disappointing lunch 2 years ago, this time everything was impeccable. Maybe because La Maestra was in the house, I don't know, but we had a wonderful conversation with her about her culinary approach to classic French cuisine.
As we were in between 2 large meals we choose the shortest menu with the additional langoustine dish.
Every single dish was perfectly calibrated, had the necessary acidity and some excellent flavours. Needless to say that the technique was flawless as one would expect in a house of this caliber.
One dish was the clear stand out of the meal. It was so good, that I had a hard time to get my half of the dish from my lunch companion: The apricots dessert with the very first apricots from the valley. Sheer unbelievable, the composition and the texture, the sweetness with perfectly balanced acidity. Next level!

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285 Avenue Victor Hugo, 26000 Valence, France


+33 4 75 44 15 32