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Abu Hassan Tel Aviv-Yafo


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Hummus, Humus

Foodle Reviews

on 18 Feb 2021

Super humus!

on 03 Nov 2019

This was a little bit just for my own interest, I often found the way the hummus being spread on the plate a work of art. The swirl, the curves, the color and the reflection of the olive oil. Made me drool. And each one is different. Even more so when done by different people. I always take a picture of each like looking at the painting with curves and lines. So pretty ?❤️ #tht_best_of_israel_food_tour
#littlemeg_israel #littlemeg_telaviv #israel... More

on 15 Aug 2017

Starting the day with a hummus breakfast at Abu Hassan (עלי קרואן אבו חסן) in Jaffa. They've been serving customers for over 50 years. Many claim that the best hummus in Tel Aviv is here. It's constantly packed with both locals and faraway addicts who come and wait in line to satisfy their hummus cravings. Seats are hard to come by; typically you share a table with strangers. We ordered the trio - plain hummus, ful (fava beans) and masabacha - along with a plate of pita ? bread. Delicious... More

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Ha-Dolfin St 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel


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+972 3-682-0387