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Trip dates: 01.01.2024 - 16.01.2024

Being situated in a coastal town, we https://whitehorsetavern1880.com/ take pride in sourcing the freshest seafood. From the succulent Lobster Roll to the flavorful Baked Cod, our seafood offerings are a testament to the bounties of the nearby Atlantic Ocean.

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900 Princess Anne St, Fredericksburg, VA 22401, USA

  • Collin Maxwell
    As a seafood enthusiast, I can't help but be impressed by the commitment to freshness and quality showcased by White Horse Tavern. The fact that you source your seafood from the nearby Atlantic Ocean speaks volumes about the dedication to providing patrons with an authentic and delicious dining experience. From the Lobster Roll to the Baked Cod, each dish sounds like a true taste of the coast. Can't wait to pay a visit and indulge in some of the finest seafood offerings around! 🦞🌊 #SeafoodLovers #FreshCatch #CoastalDining Love from: https://geometrydash-unblocked.com