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Metanet Katmer Gaziantep


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on 29 Feb 2020

Another specialty of Gaziantep is a type of sweet börek called Katmer. We went to a specialty shop called Metanet Katmer to try the dessert. It starts with a mini tiny ball of dough, pulled and pulled by hand, and thrown in the air like a pizza disk. When it reaches its paper thin form, it is sprinkled with pinches of kaymak (a stuffing made from milk and a little semolina), pistachio and sugar. Then, it is folded like an envelope and butter is brushed on top. Finally, the whole thing goes into... More

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Suyabatmaz, Kozluca Cd. No:10 A, 27100 Şahinbey/Gaziantep, Turkey


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+90 538 778 29 29