Dinner at Taizu

Dinner at Taizu

at Taizu on 3 June 2016
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Shanghai Dumplings - Veal Cheeks, Beef Soup, Pistachio Masala, Pomegranate Broth

Chinese Vegetables (Oyster Mushrooms, Bok Choy, Lemongrass, Brocolli, Mushroom Sauce) & Rump Stea (Lemongrass, Green chilies, Vietnamese Herbs, Fish Sauce, Lime)

Crab Meat Curry - Iceberg Lettuce, Turmeric, Rice Noodles, Chinese Donut

Beef Fillet - Purple Bok Choy, Carrots, Baby Zucchini, Brown Butter, Nori Seaweed

Fried Whole Sea Bass - Lettuce, Herbs, Chili Lime, Peanuts, Fish Sauce

Mango cream ball on white chocolate crisps and cream of sweet potato, carrot and saffron

Pineapple dessert with donuts, mascarpone and white chocolate balls