Lunch at hanbun

Lunch at hanbun

with Matthew Mirapaul at hanbun on 28 January 2018
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Hanbun is a Korean restaurant run by Dave Park and Jennifer Tran. They will temporarily close on February 2, 2018 as they search for, and relocate to a larger space.

While I enjoyed the lunch visits, especially because they made my favorite version of beef bolgogi, Park's best talented were showcased at their Junhyuk dinners which can be viewed here.

We look forward to their new space. Stay tuned!


Vegetable Pancake, vegetables, soy dipping sauce ($5.95)

Korean Pork Bun, coffee-scented pork, ssam jang, steamed buns, white kimchi, scallions ($3.85)

Korean Table, barley rice, chef’s choice soup and assortment of side dishes ($9.75)


My favorite Hanbun dish. Beef Bulgogi, crisp apple, arugula salad, soy and sesame vinaigrette, barley rice ($12.05)

Korean Ramyun, spicy chicken broth, slow-cooked chicken, egg, enoki, scallions, sesame leaf ($10.15)

With Dave Park and Jennifer Tran of Hanbun