Lunch at Yank Sing (Stevenson Street)

Lunch at Yank Sing (Stevenson Street)

at Yank Sing on 5 June 2018
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Yank SIng is my favorite dim sum restaurant in the US. I like it so much, that I don't even go to any other ones anymore because they are such a disappointment. When I lived in San Francisco, I worked near their other location and would stop in as often as 3 times a week for either a small nibble or a feast with co-workers. To go to the same restaurant twice and during a short trip speaks volumes, as I will be at the other location in just a few days and couldn't wait so ran in for some bites. Good ingredients, nice flavors and it's clean.

I intended to only have the BBQ pork buns for $5.85, but those carts kept coming by...

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9 / 10

Yank Sing

Dim sum cart

Curried Chicken Turnover ($5.85)

Curried Chicken Turnover ($5.85)

Steamed BBQ Pork Bun. ($5.85)

Perfectly fluffy bun. Nicely sliced, tender, good cuts of pork.

Szechuan Chicken ($10) I'm not sure how the outside is so crisp because there's no detectable batter, but it's good. The sauce is neither tangy nor sweet, but a balance of both, with a slight kick of heat.

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