Dinner at Sentralen

Dinner at Sentralen

at Sentralen on 6 November 2017
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Contemporary Norwegian flavors served in an industrial space located in Olso's city center.
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Sentralen restaurant dining room

Sentralen restaurant kitchen

Smoked Beetroot, Tarragon Mayonnaise, Egg Yolk, Shaved Horseradish, ($13)

(Kale removed to show cod) Poached Cod, Savoy Cabbage, Dried Black Kale, Flower Sprouts, Smoked Hollandaise, Hazelnuts ($20)

Pork Confit, Lovage Spread, Beet, Mustard Seeds, Focaccia ($18)

Sweet Potato Cake, Yogurt, Candied Ginger and Nuts, Thyme Oil ($11)

Frozen Yogurt, Lemon Curd, Meringue, Bay Leaf Oil, Seasoned Pumpkin Seeds and Nuts ($11)