Lunch at Husk

Lunch at Husk

at Husk Nashville on 1 October 2017
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A charming house filled with differently decorated rooms. The bustling, open kitchen in the gangway is adjacent to the stairwell which leads down to another spacious dining area. Patio in the warm months. The food is all locally sourced and in the entry hangs a board listing the purveyors. Chef: Sean Brock

Sean Brock

Husk Nashville

Husk entry blown glass sculpture

Purveyors of the day

Husk kitchen

One of the dining rooms

A Plate of 24-Month Bob Wood's Country Ham, Black Pepper Biscuit, Dijoinaise, Pickles ($15)

Husk table setting

House-made Parker Rolls and Pimento Cheese with Benne Wafers ($10)

Coddled Egg, Chicken Pork Boudin, Tomato Cornmeal Gravy, Pickled Okra ($14)

Monkey Bread, Peach Jam ($10)

Husk brunch menu