Lunch at Søllerød Kro

Lunch at Søllerød Kro

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Brian Mark Hansen
Jan Restorff
9 / 10

Opening bites

Egg yolk cream, potatoes, crispy cucumber salad, sorrel herbs from the beach, herring roe, chives

Lemon and celeriac wrapped in black olive cloth | Crispy potato shell, pickled asparagus mayonnaise, toasted walnuts

Lemon and celeriac wrapped in black olive cloth

Lemon verbena apple roll

Lemon verbena apple roll


Cucumber ice cube in juice made of quince, apple, grilled lemon juice, coriander, juniper berries

Oscietra caviar en surprise. What looks like a full caviar tin, is really caviar covering a layer of cream of celeriac and razor clams. The biscuit is filled with a mild, creamy horseradish cream.

Coincidentally, their purveyor is the former owner of Sollerod Kro, when it was an actual inn. The sturgeon swims in contained waters. No preservatives used and only salt is added so the taste is very elegant and clean, with no strong earthy or briny taste. This signature dish, with sight variances, has been on the menu since 2004.