Dinner at The Duck Inn

Dinner at The Duck Inn

at The Duck Inn on 19 October 2017
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This is one of my favorite spots in Chicago. Always hearty and delicious cooking and my personal preferred type of ambience for upscale casual dining.

Chef/Owner Kevin Hickey
Executive Chef Kris Delee
A la carte, brunch and tasting menu available.
Shown: Tasting Menu ($66)


The Duck Inn Bar Room

The Duck Inn Dining Room

The Duck Inn Patio

The Duck Inn

Foie Gras Mousse, Peanut Butter, Celery Root, Orange Peel, Raisin Jam, Pleasant House Bakery Brioche (Tasting Menu)

Oyster, Meyer Lemon, Steelhead Salmon Caviar, Fermented Pine Oil, White Wine Mignonette, Chive Blossoms (Tasting Menu)

Spanish Octopus, Greek Yogurt, Serrano Chilies, Ink Aioli, Meyer Lemon (Tasting Menu)

Pork Belly, Iberico XO Sauce, Pineapple, Furikake, Kohlrabi (Tasting Menu)

Panna Cotta (Tasting Menu)