Dinner at The Dearborn

Dinner at The Dearborn

at The Dearborn on 25 February 2017
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Chicago theater district dining open for lunch, brunch and dinner. The Fish and Chips are fantastic and their gnocchi are like pillows.

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The Dearborn

Bar at The Dearborn

The Hamilton - Beefeater london dry gin, cocchi americano, suze gentiane, tangerine, honey, sage, lemon — shaken up ($14)

Jumbo Cocktail Shrimp, U8 jumbo prawns, housemade cocktail sauce, mustard aioli ($22)

House made Parmesan Gnocchi, medley of woodland mushrooms, tarragon-crème sauce, root vegetable chips, fresh herb-olive oil emulsion ($21)

Ancient Grains and Asian Greens, bulgar, barley, freekeh, farro, watercress, daikon sprouts, snap peas, broccoli, feta, shiso-buttermilk dressing ($12)

Brussels Sprouts, bacon, parmesan, lemon-fish vinaigrette ($7)

Fish & Chips, beer-battered pacific cod, housemade fries, tartar sauce, malt vinegar ($18)

The Dearborn Burger, wagyu grind, wisconsin cheddar, boston bibb, dill pickle, special sauce, brioche bun ($16)

Fantasy of Chocolate, Valrhona milk chocolate, white chocolate, fudge cake, hazelnuts, coffee ice cream ($10)