Dinner at Leña Brava

Dinner at Leña Brava

with Matthew Mirapaul at Leña Brava on 14 January 2018
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Baja-inspired food with Mexican and Asian influences fall under one of two preparation methods at Leña Brava. The Fire side of the menu lists seafood, duck, chicken and beef, made in the oven or one of the three open-fire hearths. The Ice section has seafood and raw bar items such as oysters, uni, ceviches, aguachiles and salads.

Owner/Chef: Rick Bayless
Tip: Don’t miss the mezcal menu. Leña Brava has over 20 agave varietals.

BLOG: https://loustejskal.com/2018/01/14/lena-brava/

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Leña Brava kitchen

Leña Brava kitchen

Leña Brava bar

Leña Brava upstairs dining room

Leña Brava cocktail menu

Leña Brava menu

Baja Seas Hiramasa Yellowtail, chamoy (guajillo & jamaica flowers), papaya, Bayless Garden micro shiso, orange ($16)

Leña Ceviche - Hawaiian albacore, lime, ginger, tomatoes, picholine olives, olive oil, green chile, cilantro ($15)

Opah Moonfish Aguachile, grapefruit broth, güero chile, wasabi-infused kohlrabi, winter citrus, avocado, cilantro ($15)

Coctel Verde - Baja rock crab, Pacific octopus, shrimp, tomatillo ketchup, fingerling potatoes, tomatoes, limey cucumbers and vetlayudas flatbreads ($15)

Braised Shortrib, cauliflower mash, smoky-spicy Oaxacan pasilla salsa ($26)

Achiote-Marinated Gullo Spanish Octopus, black beans, squid ink, pickled knob onions, habanero ($29)

Coconut Mezcal Layer Cake, pineapple jasmine sherbet, smokey coconut water mezcal gelatinas, orange-passion fruit mousse, puffed amaranth and coconut, jasmine streusel. ($13.5)

Butterflied Baja Pacifico striped bass, Nayarit-style zarandeado (roasted garlic, Worcestershire, soy, arbol chile) ($48)

Red Kuri Custard, tamarind-ancho sauce, puffed jasmine rice, pomegranate sorbet, candied pumpkin seeds ($10)

Raspberry Chamoy Tres Leches, Almond and morita chile, raspberry-hibiscus chamoy, raspberry-chamoy swirl ice cream, white chocolate crema, crispy chocolate-almond crumble ($11)