Dinner at GT Prime Steakhouse

Dinner at GT Prime Steakhouse

at GT Prime Steakhouse on 26 December 2016
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GT Prime is elegant and beautifully designed. It’s modern and glamorous but doesn’t feel intimidating. The seating is comfortable but upright enough that you want to sit up straight and look your best. The lighting is beautiful and I could see all my food. I left my camera battery in the charger at the hotel room but as you can see, all the photos taken with my iPhone look great and don’t look like yellow-brown muck. The music is hip and the acoustics are perfect. It was great to be able to hear the music while being able to carry on a conversation.

GT Prime is classified as a steakhouse but there are enough dishes that one could dine there repeatedly and never order steak. In my own mind, I will think of GT Prime as a contemporary American restaurant where I can go without having to order steak because mentally I still feel steak warrants a special occasion or when you want meat and potatoes. But you won’t find a potato anywhere on the GT Prime menu unless you order the burger which comes with fries. There are so many dining variants that I had a hard time deciding if GT Prime would be best for a romantic dinner, for family, for business or celebrating with friends. It really fits the bill for all reasons to dine out and yet each way would still feel special. I would even feel comfortable going there alone to grab a weeknight bite or have something to snack on at the bar.

The menu is easy to navigate. The Cold section has salad and seafood. The Vegetables section has four creative choices. The Hot section has pastas, some seafood and meat and even foie gras and bone marrow. The middle of the menu lists Seafood and Meats. You can order one 4 oz portion or 8 oz of the same cut, or try a few 4 oz portions or get the entire array of cuts for the table which is a great option if you have ever wondered what all the different cuts taste like side by side. The desserts are worth saving room for and we tried three out of the five offered.

The plates are sized to share or you can have them brought out as courses for yourself. There are dishes for those looking for exciting twists as well as mac and cheese and burgers. And yes, there is steak.

GT Prime isn’t a traditional or even a modern steakhouse by pure definition, but it is definitely the best non-steakhouse steakhouse there is.

CHEF: Giuseppe Tentori
BLOG: https://loustejskal.com/2016/12/26/gt-prime/

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GT Prime Steakhouse

View from staircase

Entry dining room and bar area

Main dining room

Giuseppe and Chloe


Tuna Crudo. Ponzu, orange, pistachio, fresno ($18)

Crab and Avocado. Blue crab, avocado, mango, red bell pepper, cilantro ($22)

Crab and Avocado. Blue crab, avocado, mango, red bell pepper, cilantro ($22)

Short Rib Tortellini. Edamame, parmesan, basil, tripe ($16)

Short Rib Tortellini. Edamame, parmesan, basil, tripe ($16)

Seared Foie Gras. Saskatoon berries, brioche, candied hazelnuts ($20)

We tried the Beef Tenderloin 4 oz ($19) and the Strip Loin 4 oz ($20)

Hibiscus, Fleur de Sel, Murray River Salt

The Burger- 10 oz. Sun-dried tomato, onion marmalade, porcini dust, cheese, fries ($16)

Shishito & Corn. Parmesan sauce, lime, paprika ($14)

Roasted Cauliflower. Whipped ricotta, peperonata, pine nuts ($13)

½ Lb Merus King Crab. Warm butter, lemon ($42)

GT “Mac & Cheese." Orecchiette pasta, pork belly crouton, broccoli ($14)

S'Mores Ice Cream Cake. Marshmallow ice cream, chocolate, sorbet, graham cookie bottom ($10)

Brownie. Frangelico caramel, candies hazelnut, marscapone, hazelnut gelato ($10)

Coffee & Stout Donuts. Coffee créme anglaise, brown sugar streusel ($10)

Wake Up Lil' Suze. Chicago Distilling Finn’s Gin, suze, dry curaçao, grapefruit, fennel ($13)