Dinner at Acadia

Dinner at Acadia

at Acadia on 23 March 2017
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Acadia is a restaurant in Chicago where you can order a tasting menu that is 5, 10, or more courses long. But what’s special about Acadia is you can also sit in the bar area and enjoy one of the best burgers in the city with tasting menu items on the side.

They are currently offering a seasonal Bar Tasting Menu that gives you a sample of what the dining room’s tasting menu might be like. The bar menu itself is concise but I like it that way because that means you usually can’t go wrong. It’s hard not to order the burger and the lobster roll each time.

Chef: Ryan McCaskey

Ryan McCaskey
8 / 10

Bar room at Acadia

Acadia Bar Tasting Menu

Canape Snacks 1) Iberico Grissini Bread Filled with Boursain Cheese 2) Parmesan Thyme Cookie filled with bavarian truffle cream [Bar Tasting Menu]

Puffed Beef Tendon Season with Ramen Packet [Bar Tasting Menu]


Bar Menu

Stonigton Lobster Roll, Connecticut Style ($18) [Bar Menu]

Jidori Chicken Yakitori, Cilantro Lime Dressing, Green Papaya Salad ($14) [Bar Menu]

Mac and Smoked Cheddar ($12) [Bar Menu]

Acadia Burger, House Slab Bacon, Special Sauce, Truffle Cheese Mornay and French Fries, Whole Grain Mustard, Roasted Garlic Dijonnaisse. This was split for sharing with sauce on the side by request. ($15) [Bar Menu]

Grilled Cuttlefish, Baby Octopus, Squid Ink Noodle, Chorizo mayo, Fennel [Dining Room Tasting Menu]

Dining Room Tasting Menu Starters 1) Lobster Roll 2) Liquid Olive and Fennel in White Chocolate 3) Fried Head Cheese

Blue Prawn, Quinoa (Dining Room Tasting Menu)

Scallop, Carrot (Dining Room Tasting Menu)

Inspired by Velvet Underground, this dessert has a cylindrical shell folded with chocolate to look like the over ripe banana on the album cover designed by Andy Warhol. It’s filled with banana ice cream and sits on creme brûlée and is accompanied with ban

Rye, Black Walnut, Beer ($13)

Amaro Averna