Dinner at Ciudad Condal

Dinner at Ciudad Condal

at Ciudad Condal on 2 June 2017
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A midday mix of locals and tourists frequented this bright and bustling tapas restaurant in Rambla de Catalunya during my visit. There is a wide selection of tapas and beer and an additional menu for the day's specials.


Ciudad Condal

Ciudad Condal

Ciudad Condal menu

Ciudad Condal

Ciudad Condal specials


Boqueron Andaluza - Anchovies ($7.25)

Razor Clams

Najavas a la Plancha - Razor Clams ($9.25)

Brocheta de Langostinos ($5.25)

Solomillo Ternera - Beef Tenderloin ($5.25)

Mini Hamburguesa ($4)

Ciudad Condal

Viera al Graten - Scallops with Cheese ($7.50)

Chicken and Ham Croquetas ($8)

Dessert menu

Santiago Almond Cake ($4.50)

Lemon Cream Cake ($5.75)

Catalonian-Style Cream with Burnt Sugar ($4.75)