Dinner at Dad's Dinnereonette

Dinner at Dad's Dinnereonette

at Dad's Luncheonette on 11 September 2019
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It’s been a little over 2 years since Chef Scott Clark opened up his roadside train caboose, Dad's Luncheonette, in Half Moon Bay. Prior to that, he was the Chef de Cuisine at Saison when it was 3 Michelin Stars. Happy to report that it’s still going strong – always packed and serving delicious comfort food. All the produce and meat on the menu is local and/or organic too.

Hamburger Sandwich: Grassfed beef, soft egg, melty cheese, red onion pickles, Dad's sauce, red oak lettuce

Homemade Potato Chips: Organic potatoes sliced by hand and made fresh every morning

Mac & Cheese: Topped with puffed wild rice and chives

Mom's Herb Salad: Seasonal herbs with Meyer lemon vinaigrette
Dad’s Luncheonette, Half Moon Bay (Aug 2019)
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