Dinner at Martín Berasategui

Dinner at Martín Berasategui

at Martín Berasategui on 2 January 2024
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While I have visited @lasartebcn in Barcelona a few times, last year was my first time trying the 3* eponymous restaurant of @martinberasategui in San Sebastián. With a total of 12 Michelin Stars at present, Martin is regarded as one of the best chefs in the world. His flagship restaurant has just passed its 30 year mark, and the tasting menu is a mishmash of the best dishes from over the years including past signatures such as the smoked eel millefeuille created in 1993 to new creations in 2023!

The Great Tasting Menu:

The breads: bacon brioche; fenugreek bread; sourdough baguette; loaf of organic cocoa and tarragon

Our selection of butters 2023: red chili; lemongrass; tapenade

2023 Flame grilled squid on baby shrimp bread

2023 Our seasoned olive

1993 Mille-feuille of smoked eel, foie-gras, spring onions and green apple

2023 Marinated wild trout over black garlic and purple mustard, beet and horseradish

2023 Gilda with tuna tartar “Balfego”, anchovies cream, iced Basque chilli pepper and caper broth “Agrucapers”

2019 Oyster with emulsion of wasabi and crunchy sea lettuce

2001 Vegetable hearts salad with seafood, cream of lettuce and iodized juice

2022 “The Truffle” with mushroom moss and Iberian ham

2023 My version of hake loin “D& Burela” with kokotxas and aniseed hints

2023 Red mullet with its edible scales crystals, liquid bonbon of baby squid, octopus and its citric sauce

2023 Suckling lamb chop, its liquid fritter, spicy carrots and fried bread

2021 Hot & cold Gin Fizz of strawberries “Corazón Berry” and lime

2019 Lemon with basil juice, green bean and almond

2023 Chocolate Pacari and salt flower log, smoky perfumes of whisky, hazelnuts and cinnamon

Our “Pacari” 2023: Tahitian vanilla bonbon; coffee shell; ginger candy; hazelnut praline cube; walnut and honey nougat

3*, Martin Berasategui
San Sebastián, Spain