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Kenichi Nishi


French, Innovative

Foodle Reviews

on 09 May 2024

One of the stronger meals last year in the heartland of awesome fish, Yaizu. Somehow, the magical potions that are found in Suruga Bay as given rise to fish that just somehow tastes better than most of what is found in Tokyo. Perhaps because of this reason, I can find a number of my favourite restaurants within a 10km radius of Yaizu, who all source from the same supplier.... Maeda-san. Talk about boom level fish.
At... More

on 17 Dec 2023

Chef Kenichi Nishi of Chisou #馳走西健一 is among a handful of young chefs who works in partnership with legendary fifth generation #fishmonger Naoki Maeda of #sasuemaeda in Yaizu, Shizuoka. Maeda has extensive knowledge and methodical ideas about how fishes should be caught, processed, and served. Yaizu port also has a short access to one of the deepest fishing grounds in all of japan, providing the terroirs for a rich variety of seafood. #chisounishikenichi... More

9 / 10
on 19 Jun 2023

Experience an extraordinary culinary journey at Chisou Nishi Kenichi, where land and sea converge in unforgettable flavors. Chef Kenichi Nishi's passion for exceptional cuisine stems from his background in Hiroshima and his collaboration with renowned fishmonger Naoki Maeda. The dishes at Chisou Nishi Kenichi are a testament to Nishi's expertise and dedication.

Standout highlights include the remarkably fresh Barracuda, served within three hours of being caught, offering a tantalizing texture... More

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Japan, 〒425-0036 Shizuoka, Yaizu, Nishikogawa, 4-chōme−8−9


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