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Mugi To Oribu (むぎとオリーブ) Tokyo


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Ramen, Tsukemen

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on 04 May 2024

むぎとオリーブ (Mugitooribu in Ginza)

Mugitooribu is a new clam ramen shop in Tokyo, located in Ginza. Initially skeptical, it is a perfection with many amazing points, including the clams. The signature dish is the mazemen, which is made with noodles and an egg from a famous Kyoto noodle maker. The real draw is the triple soup, which consists of chicken broth, niboshi broth, and clam broth, tied together with a deep shoyu tare. The menu includes clams, chicken chashu, fish cake knot, and... More

on 30 Jun 2023

白美卵まぜ SOBA / Hakubi Tamago Maze Soba / Mugi to Olive — Ginza, Tokyo

Rich egg mazesoba consists of noodles tossed with tare sauce and topped with a white egg yolk. The noodles are developed jointly with the Kyoto based Menya Teigaku. Other toppings include pork chashu, negi, pickles, fried tofu, fish cake, mitsuba and nori. Parmesan cheese can be added as a free condiment. The standard ramen menu features bowls containing a shoyu triple soup of chicken, niboshi and hamaguri clams.
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on 04 Aug 2020

Hamaguri calm shyo ramen. This place stands out as it gives you the option to add olive oil to your soup. It is astonishing but it really works.

Ps: the presentation is very good and quite artistic. My messy photo is due to me greedily starting eating before I made a picture.

8 / 10
on 06 Sep 2019

Recommended bowl: Shoyu + olive oil?

Mugi to Olive's name comes from its curious but delicious use of olive oil ('Mugi To Olive' means Wheat and Olive Oil). Once you've eaten about half your bowl, it's recommended that you grab one of the bottles of olive oil sitting on the counter and add a generous splash to your noodles. The virgin oil harmonizes surprisingly well with the soup, while also altering the flavor profile and taste associations of the dish – a commendable innovation.

The menu... More

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6-chōme-12-12 Ginza, Chuo City, Tōkyō-to 104-0061, Japan


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+81 03-3571-2123