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KaneKitchen Noodles (カネキッチン ヌードル) Tokyo


Average rating from 1 meal 9 / 10
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Ramen, Tsukemen

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on 02 Apr 2024

KaneKitchen Noodles in Higashi-Nagasaki

KaneKitchen Noodles is a popular ramen restaurant in Tokyo, known for its extensive menu featuring shoyu, shio, niboshi, and tsukemen. The shio ramen is a popular choice due to its extensive toppings, including chicken chashu, pork, and egg. The broth is made with four types of salt and shellfish, and the shoyu ramen is made from around seven different soy sauces.

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9 / 10
on 28 Jun 2020

Recommended bowl: Chicken based goodness

This highly ranked shop opened in Dec 2016 and serves sophisticated bowls of shoyu and shio ramen. The recommended bowl for first timers, the shoyu ramen is made from a chicken-based soup with kombu, pork and niboshi. Noodles are supplied by the trustworthy purveyor Mikawaya Seimen. Bowls come topped with golden chicken oil, both pork and chicken chashu, thick-cut menma, negi and fresh mitsuba leaves.

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Japan, 〒 171-0052 Tōkyō-to, Toshima-ku, Minaminagasaki Toshima-ku, 5 Chome-26-15 Matitelas Minami Nagasaki 2F-A


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+81 3-5906-5377