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Il Ristorante Luca Fantin Tokyo


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Italian Cuisine, Italian


Luca Fantin

Foodle Reviews

on 13 Apr 2024

Frankly speaking, collaborations can be hit or miss. But when they work, they really work.

I sensed a culinary kinship between @luca.fantin and @amaurybouhours of @lemeuricealainducasse, two chefs whose styles synch so well yet maintain their distinctiveness. Amaury’s punchy, bold dishes provided a deft counterpoint to the subtle finesse of Luca’s cuisine. A bright dish of raw scallops, broccoletti, and vegetable mole with citrus had muscle and verve, followed... More

on 05 Nov 2023

Why do we love truffles? One of the most compelling theories is that their enchanting, musky fragrance reminds us of, well, ourselves. This pheromone-like allure inspires us to go to crazy lengths in the pursuit of the diamonds of the forest.

Record-breaking heat has resulted in an exceedingly small yield for this time of year, what would normally be peak truffle season. Thankfully, I know a guy who knows a guy. ;)

@luca.fantin just returned from the heart of white truffle country... More

on 13 Feb 2020

Brilliant cooking at @luca.fantin’s Il Ristorante in Ginza. Also, who knew Japan had such good domestic live oil?

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Japan, 〒104-0061 Tokyo, Chuo City, Ginza, 2-chōme−7−12 第一三共銀座ビル


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+81 3-6362-1270