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Koji Mukano



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on 26 Sep 2021

Taheizushi 太平寿し 1st visit — located in Nonoichi, 20 minutes outside of Kanazawa. Traditional storefront and interior, very friendly chef and staff, relaxed atmosphere, feels like a place where locals love to visit. Both otsumami and nigiri were delicious, showcasing the ingredients unique to Hokuriku. Favorites were Akanishigai and shako full of eggs. A fun place and great value. •

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on 15 Jun 2021

Almost next door to one of my favourite sushi places in Japan, this is still a bit of a hike from Tokyo. High quality neta and well balance shari which is a blend of vinegars. That zuke was damn good.... Lots of really good sakes here and the 大将 is fun!
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on 09 May 2021

Sushi: Katsuo | Amaebi over amaebi miso rice | Otoro | Aji | Shako | Ika | Kisu | Tsuke | Anago 🍣
Taheizushi (太平寿し), Kanazawa (May 2019)
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6 / 10
on 16 Jun 2020

I still regret having missed the legendary Shinjiro Takaya as he died a few months before I came for the first time to this sushiya. When I came here first, the place was struggling but over the last two years found its footing and is constantly improving.
Of course they still serve you the famous dishes of the master, like the steamed nodoguro nigiri (Steamed Blackthroat Perch) . The hospitality is wonderful and makes this place a very relaxed and enjoyable experience.

6 / 10
on 07 Apr 2019

The old master died in 2018 and his disciples took over. I had been there in August 2018 and were somewhat disappointed. Not this time. It is hard to tell if it was the season, clearly early April is a better season than the height of August, or the Chef hit their stride after taking over from the taisho, Chef Takaya.

6 / 10
on 05 Aug 2018

Taheizushi was founded in 1972 by Master Shinjiro Takaya. Unfortunately he passed away earlier this year, so I missed eating his unique style of Sushi.

His successors produce a satisfying meal but seemed to still find their footing without the legendary master. It might have been also the time of the year (August) during which the fish and seafood is less delicious than during the winter season.

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1 Chome-164 Taheiji, Nonoichi-shi, Ishikawa-ken 921-8845, Japan


Permanently Closed


+81 76-248-5131