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Nudoru ando supaisu kare kyouno ichiban (ヌードル&スパイスカレー 今日の1番) Kawaguchi


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Ramen, Curry

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on 08 Feb 2024

Kyonoichiban (Today's Best) is a popular shop that serves both ramen and curry. Niboshi ramen, popular in Japan for over a decade, is unpopular overseas due to its bitter, smoky, and fishy flavors. The shop displays the dried seafood ingredients used in the ramen each day, with the thick style using different fish. The niboshi comes from Chiba and Aomori, with dried barracuda and flying fish. The thick version is full of flavor and bitter, while the sweet seafood curry is sweet and spicy. There is... More

on 29 Apr 2022

特濃厚坦々ソバ + スパイスカレー / Toku-Nōkō Tantan Soba + Spice Curry / Noodle & Spice Curry Kyōno Ichiban - Kawaguchi, Saitama

Limited menu of tantanmen made from extra rich cement style niboshi soup. The base of the soup consists of barracuda and niboshi from Kujukuri, Chiba, combined with other dried fish which change daily. Pork broth is mixed in with this rich version, chicken stock gets mixed in with a lighter menu option. Noodles by Maruyama Seimen. Curry and rice on the... More

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3-chōme-2-12 Iizuka, Kawaguchi, Saitama 332-0023, Japan


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