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梵蔵 Bonzo-Kamakura soba restaurant Kamakura


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6 / 10
on 14 Dec 2018

Ippei Hayashimoto is an unusual Chef, long hair and tattoos which are not looked well upon in Japan as they are associated with organised crime.
However, he is a soba noodle master producing his te-uchi (handmade buckwheat noodles) in his tiny place in Kamakura. He says that it took him some time to master the 100% buckwheat noodles when he transitioned from ni-hachi style (20% of wheat flower) to the current form.
Kamakura is a short trip from Tokyo and a lovely seaside town with very important... More

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3 Chome-17-33 Zaimokuza, soba restaurant Kamakura-shi, Boso Bonzo Kanagawa-ken 248-0013, Japan


Permanently Closed


+81 467-73-7315