Dinner at Tokyo 東京, Japan

Dinner at Tokyo 東京, Japan

at MAZ (MAZ) on 17 November 2023
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It’s been a joy to watch @maz.tokyo go from strength to strength in such a short time. Led by @santiago.maztokyo, the team’s dedication comes through in every detail. All of this is complemented by the excellent beverage selection: some brilliant wines from South America, along with enticing elixirs made with @mater.in spirits. This time, I especially loved the pisco and shine muscat kombucha and the Amazonian Bees Knees. So clever.

From my write-up of Maz published earlier this year on @cntraveler:

“Beyond the sliding door, the grey-walled interior of Maz feels like a microcosm unto itself…The seasonal menu explores Peru’s biodiversity through courses based on the country’s various altitudes. In late spring, the coastline is represented by an elaborate dish of cuttlefish and baby eel, bathed in a sauce made from cuttlefish tentacles and covered with a crispy net made from seaweed and squid ink. Coated with fine strands of turmeric-infused cacao butter, a frozen mousse stuffed with bittersweet hyuganatsu citrus and perfumed with lemongrass stands in for the high-altitude region between the Andes and the Amazonian jungle.”