Dinner at Florilege

Dinner at Florilege

at Florilege (Florilege) on 9 January 2024
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Unbelievably, we’re already in the second week of January! The first week of the new year provided a tiny bit of breathing space and time for reflection. I am grateful for all of the terrific experiences in 2023 and was lucky enough to catch up with old friends over fantastic food at the end of last year.

My final restaurant experience of 2023 was a real banger: a one-night-only collaboration between two of the greats! @albertolandgraf popped over to Japan to cook a very special dinner with @hiroyasu_kawate at the recently relocated 🌟🌟 @restaurant_florilege in Azabudai Hills. Such a lovely night, made even more special by so much good Brazilian energy.

The menu reflected synchronicity between the two chefs. Loved Alberto’s Brazil nut ice cream with caviar, alongside Kawate’s fukinoto waffle sprinkled with ikura. A strikingly minimalist turnip tarte provided refreshing acidity before a dish of deep-fried pastry filled with dashi-simmered daikon. Delicious. Sweet snow crab in a rich and velvety sauce was complemented by a surprising accompaniment of crab roe in kombu oil and pickled sansho flowers, before the main dish of succulent roast lamb accented with nut cream sauces.

@mihohorio also showed off her kakigori skills with a seasonally inspired sweet potato shaved ice dessert.