Dinner at Blue Hill At Stone Barns

Dinner at Blue Hill At Stone Barns

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As someone who didn’t eat lettuce until I was in my 20s and never grew to love it, it was the lettuce in my first course at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, that won me over.


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Dan Barber
Blue Hill at Stone Barns
9 / 10

Vegetables From the Farm

The opah fish, also known as the moonfish, is served often in Hawaii. It doesn’t have a fishy odor or taste and can weigh as much as 200 pounds. To get a sense of scale, the servers hands are about the size of the moonfish’s eye. I can’t say I have ever h

Moonfish (Opah) and Tomatoes

Kitchen Course: Red Pepper Egg and the First of the Cranberry Beans

With Chef Dan Barber

The candle at our table was melted beef tallow and poured over our last course.