Dinner at Konstantin Filippou

Dinner at Konstantin Filippou

with Andy Hayler at Konstantin Filippou on 2 July 2019
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Great meal at KF. Since my last visit three years ago it really upped its game. The reward came in the form of the second star from the Guide Michelin.

Most of the dishes were perfectly calibrated and executed. It is a pity that a freshwater fish just don’t have taste, flavour and texture of a sea fish. On the other hand it is commendable that KF sources and uses local fishes for his dishes.

There were two outstanding dishes, The freshwater eel and the langoustine from Croatia. Intensity of the flavour of the smoked eel combined with the pork stock was unbelievable. The langoustines perfectly executed and in the texture as good as any langoustines from the Irish sea.

Very delightful meal in the world deserve 2 star restaurant with two 3 star dishes.

8 / 10