Dinner at Amandier アマンディエ

Dinner at Amandier アマンディエ

at Amandier (Amandier) on 2 March 2023
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Fairly new French-Japanese Fusion restaurant delivering some stunning dishes.
The cold Hot-Pot (!) is a super creative application of innovation which actually works (unlike some others). The same taste in the mouth without the heat, pure genius.
A signature, the Cote de Veau Katsu, breaded veal in a Comte sauce, delicious.
The main, a deer from Hokkaido in pepper sauce. I recently became a convert to Hokkaido deer. They are farmed there and thus killed without creating any stress to the animal, the Ikejime equivalent for land animals. So soft and tasty with a slight hind of savage. Excellent.
A perfect front-office delivers competent and friendly service. Go for the cheese trolley and be patient for the Patisseriere to come and entertain you with her creations which are wonderful without loading you at the end of the meal with sugar.

French Japanese
Japanese Fusion
8 / 10

Squid tartar, squid ink chip
Cervelle de canut, Kalix Löjrom
Marinated sardine, black olive
Liver mousse, bee pollen
Pâté de campagne, spring roll style

〜 Bœuf Kobe 〜
Sliced Kobe beef sirloin, " Kaga-yasai" vegetables

〜 Nabe 〜
Blow fish hot pot, yuzu-kosho

〜 Côte de veau 〜
Deep-fried veal fillet, comté cheese sauce, arugula salad

〜 Repos 〜
Beni-madoka citrus, calpis ice

〜 Sawara 〜
Soak Spanish mackerel, caviar,
sauce Irizake - dashi, sake and salted plum

〜 Amadai 〜
Charcoal grilled tilefish, " Momonosuke " turnip

〜 Pasta 〜
Cold cappellini, black truffle cream

〜 Chevreuil 〜
Roasted deer, black pepper, vegetables, horseradish, sauce poivrade

〜 Agrumes 〜
Japanese citruses with fourme d' Ambert

〜 Parfait 〜
" Kotoka " strawberry parfait, pistachio ice cream, miso tuile

〜 Mignardises 〜
Tea biscuit