Lunch at Nara Seimen (楢製麺)

Lunch at Nara Seimen (楢製麺)

at Nara Seimen (楢製麺) on 19 April 2024
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Nara Seimen emerged as an offshoot of Udon Shin, a well-established udon eatery that opened its doors in 2011 and is conveniently situated nearby under the management of Narahara-san. At this venue, the noodles are crafted in-house from three distinct varieties of wheat harvested in Hokkaido. Despite their preparation mirroring traditional udon techniques and lacking kansui, the establishment does not officially classify their offerings as ramen. Nonetheless, a blind taste test might convince many that it indeed resembles ramen.

The broth is a delicate and clear concoction, derived from two types of chicken procured from Yamanashi and Tottori prefectures, enhanced with kombu and pure water, without the addition of MSG. Patrons have the option of choosing between shoyu or shio tare.

Each bowl is garnished with takenoko (bamboo shoots) from Kagoshima and features a trio of chashu types: chicken breast, pork belly, and shoulder. The restaurant has been welcoming guests since May 2019.

6 / 10