Dinner at An Di

Dinner at An Di

at An Di on 13 December 2023
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An Di in Tokyo is a Vietnamese bistro that stands out for its innovative fusion of traditional Vietnamese dishes with Japanese ingredients. The brainchild of Chef Chihiro Naito, formerly of the two-Michelin-starred L’Effervescence, An Di presents a unique dining experience. Its seasonal menu features items like rice paper rolls filled with fresh herbs and a signature tea leaf salad. This salad is a blend of fermented Japanese tea leaves, nuts, and various vegetables, highlighting the restaurant's commitment to using local produce.

Particularly notable is An Di's wine menu, intelligently categorized by flavor profiles, offering perfect pairings for its dishes. For instance, a German Riesling might accompany the tea leaf salad, enhancing its complex flavors. The interior combines an industrial and rustic vibe, creating a lively atmosphere in a small yet vibrant space with limited seating.

Open for dinner most days and lunch on weekends, An Di is a culinary gem in Tokyo's Shibuya district. Its thoughtful fusion of flavors and attentive wine pairings make it a must-visit for those seeking an unconventional Vietnamese culinary experience in Japan. Advance reservations are recommended due to the restaurant's popularity and cozy size.

6 / 10