Rock star dinner at SUGALABO (SUGALABO)

Rock star dinner at SUGALABO (SUGALABO)

at SUGA LABO (SUGALABO) on 26 November 2018
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Yosuke Suga joined the Joel Robuchon Group at the age of 25. He then worked his way up to become executive Chef and opened a number of restaurants for the group.

He opened up his own place in Tokyo in 2014. His training and background is French, but he sources as many ingredients from Japan as possible. He closes the restaurant each month to travel through Japan in order to find more products he could use. The technique is classical, pure, honest and flawless. The flavours strong but not over powering.

Excellent meal with some outstanding dishes:
The scallops topped with French caviar, perfectly cooked with glassy center, were incredibly sweet and flavourful.
Snow crab risotto with his own Sugalabo rice outstanding with its layers of taste and texture.

Fantastic place which I can highly recommend, even though I have a troubled relationship with French restaurants in Japan.

9 / 10