Dinner at Den

Dinner at Den

at Den (傳) on 11 November 2022
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Den is always great to go to. The food is funny, delicious and well executed. The “easy to draw man” salad is one of the best you can get with its different textures and tastes created by treating each ingredient different. The DKF with a seasonal filling is succulent and delicious.
For me the highlight besides the classics was the エボダイ(疣鯛)/Butterfish, Ebodai. The fillet was grilled and the head deep fried so one could eat it almost as a fish chip. Excellent, deep flavor and wonderful texture. The two types of rice are comfort food at its highest level.
This and one of the best hospitality you will find in Japan which make you always instantly at home, makes each meal a special one. It has been too long, I will return much sooner.

Modern Kaiseki
8 / 10

エボダイ(疣鯛)/Butterfish, Ebodai

Easy to draw man salad

Rice with Pacific saury is known as sanma (さんま / サンマ / 秋刀魚)