Dinner at カフェ・バールCOVO(コーヴォ)

Dinner at カフェ・バールCOVO(コーヴォ)

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A couple went on their honeymoon to Hokkaido, felt in love with it and decided to move there. As one would, the guy bought himself a book how to build a log house and started it by himself while working as a guide for kayaking and canoeing.
Fast forward 10 years and he can open up his restaurant as a self taught cook in his self built log house.
And the food is actually good! Carpaccio of cuttlefish, a stunning rillettes, a zucchini gratin and some excellent Parma ham. The pizza dough more Rome than Naples and the spaghetti rich and full of umami. The cheese cake is a deliberate half way between a baked version and the now super fashionable Basque burnt versions. Half the cream cheese in there and baked at a lower temperature. Great stuff.
The wine list is a shelf with empty bottles on which the price is written. All Italian wine and of course on the eve of the Italian wine at the European Football Championship I had to drink a Barolo.
All of this for nothing. So cheap it almost feels like a gift.

7 / 10

A sign on a highway

The road to the restaurant

The log house at the end of the road

Self constructed

Carpaccio of cuttlefish



Zucchini gratin

Parma ham

4 cheese pizza, served as it custom in Japan with honey

Chef’s version of cheese cake. A hybrid between the baked and the Basque version

Craft beer chart