Lunch at RAW

Lunch at RAW

at RAW on 20 May 2018
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Taiwanese-born Chef Andre Chiang, who used to run Restaurant Andre masterminds RAW in Taipei with Executive Chef Alain Huang running the day to day business.

A super modern dinning room for about 60 dinners it is stunningly beautiful with huge wooden scriptures which are more art the furniture dominating the space.

The foods matches the artsy interior with some of the dished being overthought for the result.

However most of the nine servings are very tasty with 70% of the ingredients locally sources and presented beautifully.

The French onion soup being completely deconstructed from the traditional version creates all the flavours you expect in a from which plays with your mind.

The sturgeon, cut waiver thin, is cooked by the broth is being service with and results in a wonderful dish.

Besides claimed to be casual (Bistro) style, the approach is very refined and sophisticated.

7 / 10